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Cindy Wiggers Resources

Here are some of the products available from Cindy Wiggers and Geography Matters. They can be ordered by visiting


The Ultimate Geography and Timeline Guide (with FREE paper timeline) by Maggie Hogan and Cindy Wiggers
$39.90 | Paperback | 353 pages | GeoCreations, Ltd. | Grade Level - All Ages

Too many Americans are geographically illiterate, but you don't have to be. This one source book provides you with all you need to know to teach this vital subject from kindergarten through high school. Part lesson plan, part unit study, part inspiration and more.

From selecting appropriate reference materials, to constructing a timeline, to establishing a student notebook, this book will guide you through literature (with Hans Brinker or the Silver Skates), science, history, and includes a complete multi-level geography course for middle and high school students, with Geography Matters' reproducible outline maps. To help keep history in perspective use any of the over 300 historical timeline figures, and notebook timeline.


Galloping the Globe by Loree' Pettit and Dari Mullins
$24.95 | Paperback | 240 pages | Geography Matters | Grade Level - K - 4th Grade

Word searches, mazes, maps and more - clues, puzzles, and animals galore! What an enchanting way to learn geography - a unit study/discovery learning resource entitled Galloping The Globe. This geography based curriculum is geared towards the K - 4th grade children. It can be used from 1 - 3 years and covers all 7 continents. Incorporating the student notebook approach, Galloping The Globe integrates 8 categories of learning activities:
  • Basic Geography
  • People/History
  • Literature
  • Science
  • Vocabulary
  • Art/Projects
  • Internet Sources
  • Bible


Cantering the Country by Loree' Pettit and Dari Mullins
$39.95 | Paperback | 256 pages | Geography Matters | Grade Level - Elementary

Saddle up your horses and strap on your thinking caps! Learning geography is an adventure! And it's not just about memorizing facts. Geography ties together all disciplines of learning in one fascinating package. From the authors who brought you Galloping the Globe, we are pleased to offer its U.S. counterpart, Cantering the Country.

This unit study course teaches a wide range of academic and spiritual disciplines using the geography of the U.S.A. as a starting point. Learn about each state - its geographic features, its history, and its interesting characters - and tie in language arts, Bible, science and civics at the same time. With this course, you won't have to put aside one subject to make time for another. They're all connected! This comprehensive unit study, which can be used for all children grades 1-6, takes three years to complete and includes all subjects except math and spelling.

Learn science by studying the state flowers, trees, animals and birds. Cover language arts as you read literature set in each state. Build character by learning to apply the principles of the preamble to the constitution of each state. Bring history alive with the stories of famous people, founding fathers, and Native American groups from around the country. At the end of the course, your child will have a head full of knowledge and a notebook that he or she has created, full of wonderful information and fun memories.


Trail Guide to U.S. Geography by Cindy Wiggers
$18.95 | Paperback | 128 pages | Geography Matters | Grade Level - All Ages

Easy-to-follow resource to teach essential geographical facts and features of each of the 50 U.S. states. Includes 5-minute daily drills, mapping, building a geography notebook, and a wide variety of additional project choices. Student study the 50 states at the rate of about 2 states each week. The literature unit on the Lewis and Clark Expedition (using "The Captain's Dog" by Roland Smith) provides a thrilling way to drive home the relevance of knowing geography.

Students complete assignments by using atlases, outline maps, and other research materials. Incorporating the 5 themes of geography students learn capitals, place location, climate, physical geography, and much more. These simple, yet thorough, assignment choices include:

  • Daily trails for an overview of geography
  • Interesting digging deeper activities
  • Geography through Literature

There are a variety of ways to use the three-part manual. Teachers simply select which parts of the book will best meet their needs and objectives. And yes - there are answers in the back of the book!

This interesting approach to teaching makes learning fun and memorable. No student workbook is needed because students will develop their own personal notebooks full of colorful maps, intriguing facts, and surprisingly pertinent information.

Students need outline maps of each state and a U.S. Atlas. Upper grades (8th - high school) will also need a world almanac to perform the daily drills. Art projects use "Teaching Geography Through Art."


Trail Guide to World Geography by Cindy Wiggers
$18.95 | Paperback | 128 pages | Geography Matters | Grade Level - All Ages

If you'd like a geography course that includes mapping activities, atlas usage, research, notebooking and culture with very little teacher preparation, look no further. The Trail Guide to World Geography is a "week one, day one" kind of teacher's manual with daily geography drills (answers included) and numerous weekly assignment choices. Assign as much or as little as YOU decide. Daily drills are offered at 3 different levels for versatility and multi-year usage. With this easy-to-use course students will learn to recognize important characteristics and traits of each continent, read and create maps, identify key geographical terms and more. All you need to get started is this book, an atlas, and outline maps. Uses Geography Through Art for added culture through hands-on art from throughout the world. Finish up the year by reading Around the World in 80 Days, by Jules Verne, using the geography through literature unit included. This course lays a solid foundation of world geography for students 2nd grade and up.

To make the best use of this text your students need a grade appropriate atlas and outline maps. The 3 levels of questions recommend using the following:

  • 2-4th grade: Jr. Classroom Atlas
  • 5-7th grade: Classroom Atlas
  • 8th- high school: Answer Atlas


Trail Guide to Bible Geography by Cindy Wiggers & Dianna Wiebe
$18.95 | Paperback | 128 pages | Geography Matters | Grade Level - All Ages

Trail Guide to Bible Geography is the third book in the popular Trail Guide to Geography series. Study the geography of the Holy Lands in light of scripture and along with the lives of your favorite Bible characters. Students learn by mapping, research, daily geography drills and hands-on activities. While some small maps are included in the book, the larger maps in Bible Lands Activity Maps are highly recommended. Students love doing the mapping assignments and are delightfully challenged with finding answers to the daily drills using a Bible atlas.


Uncle Josh's Outline Map Book by Josh and Hannah Wiggers
$19.95 | Paperback | 112 pages | Geography Matters | Grade Level - All Ages

Outline maps are a foundational part of teaching geography and history. Here are 100+ maps to use year after year, regardless of topic or time studied. From drawing explorer's routes to tracking hurricanes to depicting the rise and fall of empires, it's here! Includes continents, ancient historical regions, important war arenas, each of the fifty states, and more! Rivers are lightly shaded and surrounding borders are visible. You've got the whole world covered in this one-of-a-kind book! Reproducible pages.

Also available on CD ROM! Same great maps plus 21 additional maps including shaded relief maps of the world and each continent and also maps of each Canadian Province and Territory. Conveniently print from your own home computer! Mac and PC compatible. Pdf files, uses Acrobat Reader.

Used as a companion resource for:
Trail Guide to World Geography
Trail Guide to U.S. Geography


Bible Timeline Figures CD-ROM by Alex Wiggers
$24.95 | CD ROM | 43 pages | Geography Matters | Grade Level - All Ages

Finally! After may requests over several years we're proud to present this fine set of Bible timeline figures. Designed by our youngest, most meticulous offspring (age 17), you'll find these figures to be colorful, creative and a delight to use. Over 300 color biblical timeline figures are ready for print out from any home computer with CD-ROM player.

The figures are appealing in art style, simple to use and greatly increase understanding of the flow of biblical events. Includes figures on:

  • All of your favorite Bible stories and characters
  • Each book of the Bible
  • Bonus story line figures that encourage learners to tell the story in their own words.

Enhance any study of Bible, biblical history and geography, and perfect for those kids who are visual or kinesthetic learners. Includes reproducible template for making a notebook style timeline.

These figures are on PDF files read by Acrobat Reader (included) and are both PC and Mac compatible. Print as many as you need. Each student can have his own set of figures for one price!


Historical Timeline Figures CD-ROM by Liberty Wiggers
$24.95 | CD ROM | 40 pages | Grade Level - All Ages

All the same great world history timeline figures from the book of the same name and also included in The Ultimate Geography and Timeline Guide are now available in color on CD-ROM!

Print as many as you need when you need them. These figures are appealing in art style, simple to understand, and greatly increase understanding of the flow of historical events. Color-coding and icons help students remember their facts and add interest to any timeline.

Select from 2 sets of figures all on the same CD-ROM. One with borders and one without.

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