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Over 80% of homeschooled adults said they would homeschool their children.

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How do you make your kids do their school work?

The motivation of children is essential to all learning environments. But homeschooling is very user-friendly since you are free to adapt the learning experience for each child. It is important to be consistent to train and teach your students to be responsible beginning on the first day of homeschooling. It is key to your success. Do not allow free time until they have completed the tasks you have set before them. Let the consequences of their actions rest on their shoulders.

One motivational strategy has been called the "delight-directed" approach. &nbps;Under this strategy the subjects are connected to an interest that is important to the student. For example, a ten-year old boy may love baseball. Imagine his excitement when he is told that the entire focus of the school year will revolve around baseball. He then learns that each subject is rooted in the game he loves. For math he learns to calculate batting averages and other statistical items, for geography he studies a map to learn the locations of all the teams, and his grammar and penmanship development is focused around writing to players and teams to collect memorabilia. The opportunities are almost limitless.

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