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Isn't it better for my special needs student to be taught by certified teachers at school than by me at home?

How can I offer my child all that a school can offer as far as services and expertise?

It is not necessarily better for your child to be in a classroom in a school.  If your child is in a special education classroom, you must decide if you feel it is the best place for him.   Decide based on things like his level of motivation or frustration, his progress and his view of himself and his future.  If you do not feel your child's needs are not met well, then you should consider your options.   Homeschooling is one of those options.   As with any decision to homeschool, be realistic about what you can commit to doing and what is available to you and your child in terms of support.  Co-ops and tutors are other ways you might meet a student's particular needs.  Study up on the situation before you decide to homeschool so you will be able to confidently answer those who may challenge your decision.

Often the best thing for a student with learning challenges is a supportive environment with large amounts of individual or small group attention. While expertise is important, many curriculum products are now available that guide parents of children with varying exceptionalities. Services may also be obtainable as homeschoolers from your county, such as speech therapy or occupational therapy. State homeschooling organizations can usually provide information on what is available to homeschoolers with special needs students in your state. Also check our resource list for some of these helps.

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