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Homeschool Fact:
Homeschool students scored an average of 1093.1 on the SATs, compared to 1012.6 for public school students and 1123.8 for private-independent schools.

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Extracurricular Activities Homeschooling Extracurricular Sports

Homeschoolers today have a variety of activities and opportunities to choose from for their children.  From sports to band, geography bees to debate, the amount and diversity of extracurricular offerings has grown immensely.  For some, extracurricular activities have made homeschooling the perfect mix of family and friends.

Look through this section for ongoing offerings for homeschoolers, as well as the experiences of others who have blazed the trail for their children.  Would participation in an activity be the perfect expression of your child's gifts and talents?  Some families will plunge in and others may prefer time at home to time in the van, but either way, it's great to know what's out there.
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