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Homeschool Fact:
Homeschool students scored an average of 1093.1 on the SATs, compared to 1012.6 for public school students and 1123.8 for private-independent schools.

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Switching to Homeschooling

My child already goes to school. Can we change to home education?

The homeschooling experience can begin at any age. The procedure for withdrawing a child from school may vary from state to state but the right to homeschool exists in some form in every state. It is important to understand that you must help your child transition from a classroom environment to a homeschooling environment. Here are some easy guidelines for success:

  • First and foremost, spend time with and enjoy your child. If they are leaving behind a world of friends and snacks and recess, make sure you let them know that you are excited about spending more time with them. If a child is going to become part of your homeschooling team, he must feel like he is important to the team and has a role to play.
  • Find out what your child knows how to do and make sure he knows you are proud of his abilities. You can do this informally by having him read to you, do simple math, watch a video or listen to a story and retell the story to you. Go for a nature walk and find what you see in a field guide. Ask your child to draw what he has seen.
  • Start simply. Begin with basics such as reading and math and then add other subjects as you see him being successful. A few subjects done well is a much better start to homeschooling, than many subjects done poorly. Since you have more time in your schedule, try to find the best arrangement for success for your day. Not all children work best at 8 AM, so see what can best work for your family.
  • Be patient. Sometimes there has to be a period of relaxing - especially if your child has been in a stressful situation. Gradually add to your daily requirements and allow plenty of time to develop your relationship.
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