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George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt - all were self-educated and learned at home!

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Home education cost?

How much does home education cost? Is homeschooling expensive?

In our definition of homeschooling, we mentioned that in most states, parents assume the full responsibility for the instruction of their child. This includes the cost of books and materials. This is an important factor to consider when thinking about homeschooling, although the actual cost may require some investigation and decision-making on the part of the parents.

Dr. Brian Ray, president of the National Home Education Research Institute surveyed over 1,500 homeschooling families and found the average annual expense was $450.00 per child (or about $38.00 a month).Costs may vary greatly depending upon your strategy. If you choose to enroll your child with a private school, or participate in private school activities, the cost would need to be considered. If you enroll your child with your local county, the only initial cost would be that of materials. Some school systems have used materials that they offer to community members for a small cost. Check with your county to see if such materials are available.

Home education does not have to be expensive. Establishing a budget may be part of the process assumed by homeschoolers. If funds are tight, the local public library and used curriculum are valuable resources. Used book sales are prevalent among homeschool groups. Check your local library for referrals to local homeschool group contacts.

There are some savings associated with home education. Some families find that clothing purchases, travel expenses, cost of buying lunches and other expenses are greatly reduced when homeschooling and they are able to use those funds to purchase needed materials. When families choose to homeschool, the focus can be placed on the content of the learning and educational experiences, rather than the form. Resources within the family and community can be utilized as learning experiences, as well as every day activities such as grocery shopping and meal preparation.

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