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Homeschool Fact:
George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt - all were self-educated and learned at home!

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Finding time for other things

How do you ever have time to do anything else with your kids around you all day?

Homeschooling takes much less time to complete than the average public school day. The one-on-one instruction allows for more focused time. Part of the process of homeschooling revolves around character training. This includes time management skills, and learning how to respect the needs of others. It is important to teach children how to learn to enjoy quiet time by themselves. They will need to be trained to find things to do that are of interest to them. Parents may have to realize that during the initial days of homeschooling it may be a season where they are not able to do all of the things they would like. It is helpful to keep in mind that it is only a season and as the children grow older there will be more freedom.

Homeschool girl reading