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George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt - all were self-educated and learned at home!

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High School

A Step-By-Step Guide to Homeschooling in High School

We all want our children to become poised, confident, and productive adults. Homeschooling through high school will help you achieve the goals that you and your children have set.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Homeschooling in High School (Part 2)

This is a great time to be homeschooling! The options are many and diverse. Besides the traditional student book/teacher book method here are other ideas...

Motivating your Teenager

Frequently, students are willing to complete academic assignments without too much protest until becoming teenagers. As the work becomes more demanding, it's likely that earning good grades or pleasing parents isn't a good enough reason to wade through all that's required.

Can Homeschooling in High School Be Fun?

I have often commiserated with other parents that homeschooling in grades K-8 can be so much fun, but homeschooling in high school can quickly turn into a daily drudgery. We quit living life as we have known it up to this point and begin living life within the context of graduation requirements and college entrance prerequisites. All of a sudden we have this overwhelming sensation that this is the "real thing."

Good Communication

Communication between parents and children is always of vital importance. But I have found that when you homeschool your children, there are multiplied opportunities to communicate.. and to miscommunicate... and learning to recognize the difference needs to be one of our absolute top priorites.

How to Have a Great College Visit

Would you buy a house or even rent an apartment without first going to see it? The school catalogs, brochures, and Web sites are designed to give you the very best impression of the schools they represent, but you might find some things to be completely different when you visit. Tell your teen that deciding to attend any school without making a personal visit is like saying "yes" to a blind date that could last four years!

Making the most of the time

Time is very sneaky. A great deal of it can pass without us even noticing. The passage of time is brought to my attention in a very tangible way: by my son's height.

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