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"Homeschool" was added to the Merriam-Webster dictionary in 1998.

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Employers and homeschooling

How will future employers view my homeschooling experience?

While each employer will judge an applicant based on his merits, homeschoolers do not necessarily find themselves at a disadvantage with potential employers. As high school students, homeschoolers often have the advantage of flexible scheduling to accommodate an employer's needs. Furthermore, work experience may often be considered a benefit to a homeschooler's educational experience, since it provides real life experience in areas such as economics and life management, making it highly desirable. Many homeschoolers consider work experience to be an aspect of a well rounded student, so imparting the qualities of a good employee would be considered an important part of a homeschooler's educational preparation.

The goal of a home education program is to prepare a student for his or her future pursuits, whether it be college, employment, military, etc. A student who has been homeschooled often comes to the world of work with many skills that are needed in the job place such as self discipline, the ability to think independently and people skills that enable him to work with people from a variety of backgrounds. When preparing a resume, homeschoolers should include experiences that highlight the skills they have acquired during their homeschooling experience.

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