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A study of adults who were home educated found that none were unemployed and none were on welfare.

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People using Percipion homeschool recordkeeping software

"I am using your system for the first time ...I am loving it!  Thank you so much!"
C.F., Homeschooling Mom

"I really like how Percipion makes it possible to organize and keep all materials, information, and records in one place for a parent/teacher/school. I've had to do this all myself for way too long!!"
S.K., Homeschooling Mom

Percipion HELPER

Homeschool Recordkeeping and Reporting

Created by homeschoolers for homeschoolers, the Percipion HELPER system allows you to easily document, organize and archive your dynamic homeschool records.

Secure and Web-based, Percipion HELPER does not require additional software and can be utilized on a PC or Mac.


  • Access and log your students’ records at any time from any computer with Internet service.
  • Web platform ensures your records will not be lost if your computer crashes and there are no required software updates.
  • Guest accounts provide outside organizations and teachers secure access to your homeschool records.
  • Monthly reports can be archived as PDF documents or printed.
  • Join the hundreds of families who have already discovered how Percipion HELPER streamlines the homeschool record keeping process.
  • Affordable yearly fee:
    $24.95 for two children
        3.99 for each additional child

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