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In early Colonial days there were no public schools. Children learned from their parents at home.

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Music Resources

This page contains links to other Internet sites. These links are not endorsements of any products or services in such sites. They are provided as a reference for your convenience only.

Classical Music Archives

The Classical Archives is the largest classical music site on the web and includes over 30,000 full length classical music files by 1,964 composers.

Music for the Nation

Music for the Nation: American Sheet Music contains more than 62,500 pieces of historical sheet music registered for copyright.  Included are popular songs, operatic arias, piano music, sacred and secular choral music, solo instrumental music, method books and instructional materials, and music for band and orchestra. - A Library of Congress Web site.

Essentials of Music

This site offers an introduction to classical music. It features Eras, Composers, and a Glossary. Eras covers the six main periods in classical music history, discussing historical themes, musical context, style, and major composers.

Music Acoustics

An introduction to the physics of music. Includes information about decibels, acoustic impedance, vocal tract acoustics, acoustics of specific instruments, and more.  From the University of New South Wales School of Physics.

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