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A study of adults who were home educated found that none were unemployed and none were on welfare.

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Economics Resources

This page contains links to other Internet sites. These links are not endorsements of any products or services in such sites. They are provided as a reference for your convenience only.

The Mint

Have the feeling that you never have enough money? Or want to know how to make your money grow? Got anything saved up? The mint provides basic information about starting a business, earning money, spending it wisely, and saving and investing. Materials include quizzes, games, glossary of financial terms, and a look at how consumer habits influence the economy.

Economics for Kids

Economics is not just money. It's businesses and how they work. It's lemonade stands and how many dollars they take in. It's toy collecting and baseball card collections. It's taxes and allowances. It's stocks and bonds. Economics is part of almost everything you could ever think about. Find about how by visiting this site.

help you and your children explore some of the fundamentals of banking. We explain some of the basics of banking services and hope that your children can use KidsBank.comâ?¢ to learn a little more about how savings, interest, checking and other banking things work.

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