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Homeschool Fact:
"Contrary to popular belief, children are best socialized by parents -- not other children." Dr. Raymond Moore, The Hurried Child

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Evaluating Your Homeschool - Using the Right Measures

There are many things about your children and your homeschooling that you will want to evaluate from time to time. As with any other work in progress, it is good to step back from it occasionally to get a better view or a better perspective. How can we as homeschoolers do this in a beneficial way?

Dude! Bummer!

This is just another chapter in the real life adventures of being a homeschooling family. Some chapters are fun and delightful, some chapters are difficult and challenging, and some chapters are simple perseverance.

The Gifted May Not Seem A Gift, But They Are

Teaching the gifted does take both time and energy. It's not just a matter of sending them off to teach themselves. These children demand to be mentored. They ask endless questions, want to be shown how to do things, and want and need help to achieve their goals.

Is There a Reading Problem?

At what point should a parent become concerned about reading and what clues do I look for to determine if there is a reading problem?

Single Parent Homeschooling

I don't know any other single parents who homeschool, yet I can't deny my feeling led to do this. My family is fairly supportive, though they consider this an unusual step. Do you have any guidance for me?

Homeschool girl reading