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Single Parent Homeschooling

I am a single parent and believe I am supposed to be homeschooling my child. My child has been through a lot this year, and I think the time together, as well as the lower stress level will help us both. I can make the time, schedule-wise, with help from my family, but I wanted to know what you thought of this. I don't know any other single parents who homeschool, yet I can't deny my feeling led to do this. My family is fairly supportive, though they consider this an unusual step. Do you have any guidance for me?

I would just say yes, go ahead. With your desire and with family support you can manage. Others have. I have met a few single moms at homeschool meetings. They all were smiling, happy people. Some were leaders in the groups. And if someone hadn't told me privately about the difficult financial or other struggles of these moms, I would not have known their situation was any different from the others.

You didn't say whether your child is a boy or girl, but especially if it's a boy you should be looking for male role models for him. Maybe an uncle or someone in the family will work in the garage with him, take him fishing and so forth. Other possibilities are the child's Sunday school teacher or other church member, scoutmaster, or athletic coach. And definitely get into a homeschool support group. These are all busy people, but they do support one another.

I'd like to suggest to any homeschool father reading this, that if you have single moms in your group you should consider the ministry you could have to the sons, and daughters too, in these families. Just inviting them occasionally to join your family in an outing will help more than you know.

A note from Debbie Strayer:
I must take this opportunity to encourage those among you who are single parent homeschoolers (men and women), or grandparent homeschoolers, or aunt homeschoolers. I am meeting more and more of you who have accepted the responsibility for these children, and who are now taking on their educational needs as well. Your dedication and sacrifice has been inspiring to me! When you share with me your desire to do what you feel God is calling you to do, in spite of the obstacles you face, I am blessed and encouraged, and so should you be. God's love for your children is no less than His love for anyone else's, so you can be confident that He will lead you to do what is best for them. Thank you for your devotion to your children and your obedience to the Lord. It is an inspiration to us all.

This article is reprinted with permission of the author, Dr. Ruth Beechick. Excerpted from Dr. Beechickâ??s Homeschool Answer Book, which contains answers on many topics.

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