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Over 80% of homeschooled adults said they would homeschool their children.

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Is There a Perfect Curriculum?

The ability to tailor-make a curriculum - a program of instruction - for our children is one of the most compelling reasons to homeschool, and yet this process of choosing curriculum is one of the most intimidating tasks parents face.

What about math facts?

In this article, best selling author Dr. Ruth Beechick answers several common questions concerning teaching mathematics.

Give Your Child a Head Start on the Arts

It's never too early to turn your kids on to the arts, and it's never too late for you!

Is it easy?

I imagine plenty of homeschoolers feel overwhelmed these days when it comes to sorting through all the curriculum resources available. Tired, overworked, and with a sense of having little or no time to learn how to use something new, the first thought when looking at a resource is probably, "Is it easy?"

Integrating Geography ??? Geography is Everywhere!

Geography is a subject that is easy to teach and fun to study. All you need is a good atlas, some simple outline maps, and whatever curriculum you are already using for history and science.

Fanning the Sparks

As teaching parents, we are faced with a huge array of educationally important items to serve our children. Many are considered essential, such as phonics and math. Many are deemed very important, such as writing and science. As we consider the many things our children simply must have, we tend to eliminate those that are cumbersome or difficult to schedule, getting right to the meat on our children's schooling plate.

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