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An estimated 2,340,000 K-12 children were home educated in the U.S. during 2009-2010.

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Talking Turkey about Guilt

With the holidays rapidly approaching, so many wonderful activities for your children to participate in, family events requiring your attention, it is easy to feel, well, a little out of control. Routines may be interrupted and school time may seem to be at a premium. Like the proverbial slippery slope, once this process starts, it seems virtually impossible to halt, or even slow down. What's the problem, you think? It is the holiday season and we have things to do! All of that is well and good, if it weren't for guilt.

Guilt is the lurker that stalks homeschooling moms. Yes, you may agree with guilt, but what can be done about it? We haven't done school today (or recently).The best defense against this stealthy adversary is to disarm him. Take away his jibes and you will be much more at peace! How to defang such a skilled foe? Use his tactics against him!

  1. You're right! We haven't done a regular day's school today (or in a while), but we have learned many new skills! Make a list of the things you HAVE been doing and how the children have participated.
  2. Now, interpret the list. Think like an educator! Preparing your home for guests becomes life management. Shopping for presents becomes math applications. Christmas card writing becomes an opportunity for language arts. Take the activities you are doing and look for the skill/concept/idea that can be explored or appreciated.
  3. Enjoy the variety that can be the spice in a homeschooler's life! Stop trying to make the day normal, and accept that it is special! January will come soon enough, and with it comes a great deal of normality. Listen to Christmas music. Enjoy the wonderful and special stories on television and by video.
  4. Find out what is happening in your community that you can attend or participate in. Give yourself permission to immerse yourself and your children in the uniqueness of the season. The lessons they will learn will be educationally beneficial and a boost to the spirit! Remember, you don't have to spend money - go to the library. Check out holiday displays and free events.

Lastly, and most importantly, remember to give thanks. The opportunity to homeschool is a blessing, and even on the days you feel like the turkey, remember that the real payoff is children that know your commitment to their well-being. That's a memory that won't fade.

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