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Homeschool Fact:
Home-schooled children of parents who do not have a college education outperform public education. Even in homes in which neither parent has a degree, students tested at 83% nationally. That's 33% above the national average.

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Who is Percipion?

Percipion was born out of the desire to create a resource to assist parents involved in home education.  The company was founded to create a professional site for homeschoolers where beginners and "seasoned veterans" alike could find guidance, materials and a sense of the homeschool community.  Our goal is to assemble resources from homeschooling experts around the world and create a Web site full of valuable tools, inspirational reading and timely information. We hope to become your one-stop destination for all of your homeschool needs.

What does Percipion mean?

Percipion comes from the Latin word percipio which means:

  • to lay hold of, seize, to collect, gather, harvest or gain.
  • when associated with the senses is to feel and take in.
  • when associated mentally it means to learn, grasp, or understand.

Who is Percipion?

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